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ADEPT is South Carolina's system for assisting, developing, and evaluating professional teaching. Based on state expectations (i.e., the ADEPT Performance Standards) that are aligned with nationally recognized professional standards, the ADEPT system forms a seamless continuum for educators throughout the entirety of their careers. In addition to applications for classroom-based teachers, the ADEPT system also includes standards and models for assisting, developing, and evaluating special area educators (i.e., school guidance counselors, library media specialists, and speech-language therapists).



Dr. Patricia Canada (843) 436-7046
Coordinator of ADEPT Email Dr. Patricia Canada
Mary Elizabeth N Prosser (843) 436-7007
Mentor Coordinator Email Mary Elizabeth Prosser
Ruth McLellan 843-436-7008
ADEPT Facilitator Email Ruth McLellan
Alicia Mercer, CEOE (843) 436-7009
Administrative Secretary for ADEPT Email Alicia Mercer, CEOE