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English Language Arts Grades 6-12

Dr. Barbara Goggans


South Carolina Portrait of a College and Career Ready English Language Arts Student

  • Academic Succes and Employability: Student demonstrates the ability to analyze deep content and construct conceptual knowledge through strategic and appropriate academic and technical skills and tools to complete tasks and solve problems in real world situations.
  • Interdependent Thinking and Collaborative Spirit: Student develops and applies interpersonal skills through listening, speaking, writing, and reading in order to respect diversity and seek an understanding of varied perspectives. Student works collaboratively to achieve goals, solve problems, and foster innovation.
  • Intellectual Integrity and Curiosity: Student demonstrates intellectual integrity in the ethical selection and application of resources. Student discerningly assimilates, synthesizes, and verifies research while citing relevant sources and evaluating evidence.
  • Logical Reasoning: Student appropriately employs a variety of strategies to discern the meaning of increasingly complex texts and other modes of communication to form logical, evidence-based conclusions.
  • Self-Reliance and Autonomy: Student demonstrates qualities of an independent, reflective learner and contributor to varied societies through self-reliance, self-improvement, constructive interactions with others, and perseveranced of life-long learning.
  • Effective Communication: Student fluently and appropriately uses various modes of communication for authentic purposes based on audience, task, and discipline.


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