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Curriculum Coaches


Curriculum Coaches for GCSD Schools

The Georgetown County School District supports its teachers and staff through the use of curriculum coaches at both school and district level. Curriculum coaches work alongside teachers to strengthen classroom strategies and enhance student learning. Curriculum coaches also are an integral part of embedded professional development in Professional Learning Teams (PLTs) of which all teachers are a part. You will find contact information and website links for specific curriculum coaches by clicking on the links below.


 Elementary and Intermediate School Curriculum Coaches 

   School Based Coaches
 Coach  School  Home School
Janet Branham
 Andrews Elementary School  Andrews Elementary School
Andrea Hill                              Brown's Ferry Elementary School  Brown's Ferry Elementary School
Carla Brandon
 Kensington Elementary School  Kensington Elementary School
Dr. Amy Condon  Maryville Elementary School  Maryville Elementary School
Tonja Johnson  McDonald Elementary School  McDonald Elementary School
Dr. Kendra Jiles  Plantersville Elementary School  Plantersville Elementary School
Nancy Coker  Pleasant Hill Elementary School  Pleasant Hill Elementary School
Maggie Hapeshis  Sampit Elementary School  Sampit Elementary School
Erin Williams                                 Waccamaw Elementary School  Waccamaw Elementary School
Pam Burnett  Waccamaw Intermediate School  Waccamaw Intermediate School


 Middle and High School Curriculum Coaches  

   School Based Coaches
Coach School Home Base
Dr. Paula Anderson  Andrews High School  Andrews High School
Vernetta Dekine  Carvers Bay High School  Carvers Bay High School
Deanna Stone  Carvers Bay Middle School  Carvers Bay Middle School
Ashton Goretzke  Georgetown Middle School  Georgetown Middle School
Dr. Cameron Worten  Rosemary Middle School  Rosemary Middle School
Travis Klatka
 Waccamaw Middle School  Waccamaw Middle School
   Content Coaches
Dr. Barbara Goggans - English/Language Arts  All Middle and High Schools  District Office
Doug Henderson - Social Studies
 All Middle and High Schools  District Office
Jeannette Johnson - Math  All Middle and High Schools  District Office
Dr. Pam Vereen - Science  All Middle and High Schools  District Office