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Georgetown County School District has partnered with SREB and other districts across our state to be a part of a three year grant to provide training in Literacy and Math Design Collaboratives beginning February 2016. Lead teachers from all four content areas as well as CATE in grades 7-12 are getting support in developing lessons and units to better engage students in problem solving and critical thinking. District coaches are also being trained to support these classrooms and embed more training throughout the next three years.

Learn more about the collaboratives here at the SREB website.


Overview Information:

Literacy Design Collaborative Brochure

Math Design Collaborative Brochure


Mathematics Formative Assessment Lessons (FALs)

Math Assessment Project



Dr. Barbara Goggans (843) 436-7021
JBB/ELA 6-12 Curriculum Coach Email Dr. Barbara Goggans
Jeannette Johnson (843) 436-7022
6-12 Mathematics Curriculum Coach Email Jeannette Johnson