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Georgetown County



Georgetown County Association of Educational Office Professionals


"Imagine, Believe and Achieve"




The Purpose of the Georgetown County Association of Educational Office Professionals is to promote recognition of the contributions of office personnel to the educational programs of Georgetown County School District. We are to elevate the standards of educational office personnel within our area thereby, improving the quality of service to our schools and community.





Janet Herman (843) 527-4411
President Email Janet Herman
Shanika Stafford (843)436-7000
President-Elect Email Shanika  Stafford
Judy Cooper (843) 264-3419
Immediate Past President Email Judy Cooper
Aliska Brown (843) 237-0106
Vice President Email Aliska Brown
Alicia Mercer, CEOE (843) 436-7009
Treasurer Email Alicia Mercer, CEOE
Crystal Franklin (843) 436-7173
Chaplain Email Crystal Franklin
Sydney Rice (843) 527-4411 ext.. 2112
Historian Email Sydney Rice
Clarice S. McKnight, CEOE (843) 436-7210
Parlimentarian Email Clarice McKnight, CEOE
Jacqueline Zuraw (843) 436-7145
Area 15 Director Email Jacqueline Zuraw
Kathleen Elmore (843) 527-4411
Web Coordinator Email Kathleen Elmore
Daphne Smith (843) 527-3485
Web Coordinator Email Daphne Smith