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"The purpose of the Teacher Forum is to provide representation of teacher opinions about the teaching profession and educational issues and to impact the professional development of teachers." From the beginning, the Forum has sought to uphold this lofty purpose. Through candidates forums, position papers, instructional fairs, teacher and administrator recognition and other activities, we have sought to uplift our profession.

The purpose of the Georgetown County Teacher Forum is to give recognition to the district and school teachers of the year, to develop teacher leadership among this outstanding group, to give teachers a voice in educational issues, and to impact the professional development of other teachers by encouraging its members to facilitate the development of leadership skills among their peers.


Clay S Cook (843) 546-8423
Teacher Forum President Email Clay S Cook
Ashton Lee-Goretzke (843) 237-0106
Teacher Forum Vice President Email Ashton Lee-Goretzke
Carla Brandon (843) 546-8511
Teacher Forum Past President Email Carla Brandon