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Project Lead the Way

Premier STEM curriculum and classes available K-12

Georgetown County School District is offering Project Lead the Way (PLTW) curriculum in all K-12 schools that began in 2016-17 and has expanded in 2017-18. Launch is being used in elementary school science classes, Gateway is being used in middle school STEM classes, and the four high schools are offering courses in either PLTW Engineering or PLTW Computer Science. With the support of a grant from Boeing for 17-18, we were able to expand Gateway and HS Engineering programs to include aerospace curriculum to introduce students to these opportunities near them. 

Please contact your school to see how your student can get involved in these opportunities for STEM. 


PLTW Computer Science: 

Carvers Bay High School

Georgetown High School


PLTW Engineering:

Carvers Bay High School

Waccamaw High School



PLTW Gateway - Design and Modeling

Carvers Bay Middle School - Ms. Weaver

Georgetown Middle School - Ms. Avery

Waccamaw Middle School - Mr. Freeman


PLTW Gateway - Flight and Space

Carvers Bay Middle School - Ms. Tatem

Georgetown Middle School - Mr. Oliver

Rosemary Middle School - Ms. Roberts

Waccamaw Middle School - Mr. Freeman


PLTW Gateway - Medical Detectives

Georgetown Middle School - Mrs. Runion


PLTW Launch -  Elementary Schools

At least two teacher leaders at each elementary school have been trained to lead Launch learning as well as train other classroom teachers to use this curriculum to promote STEM learning in elementary classrooms.


PLTW Brochures

You can also learn more at