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GCAEOP History

Our organization was started by Ms. Alicia Mercer and Ms. Katrina Taylor. After attending a state conference in March of 1995, they became inspired and began to develop a local organization jointly with Horry County. They submitted the paperwork in October of 1999 to form the local organization HGAEOP (Horry-Georgetown Association of Educational Office Professionals). The organization was accepted on November 12, 1999 as a new local organization. There were 31 charter members.

Our group became larger, so we broke up into our own organization as the Georgetown County Association of Educational Office Professionals. Several years later we became affiliated with the state organization, SCAEOP and the national organization, NAEOP.

For 2004-2005, the GCAEOP President was Ms. Janice Harrelson. GCAEOP’s theme for that year was “The Power of Unity---Together Making a Difference”. Goals for 2004-2005 were: 1) renewal of state affiliation with the Association of Educational Office Professionals, 2) establish national affiliation with the Association of Educational Office Professionals, and 3) to design and implement a logo for Georgetown County Association of Educational Office Professionals. The completed projects for 2004-2005 were: 1) the organization and publication of the GCAEOP Cookbook, 2) established a bi-monthly newsletter and 3) began working on establishing a scholarship fund for an outstanding senior meeting GCAEOP’s criteria for the scholarship.

For the year 2005-2006, the GCAEOP President was Ms. Alicia Mercer. Our theme for that year was “Bloom Where You Are Planted”. During Ms. Mercer’s term as president, countless seeds were planted. Among the most important were seeds of attitude, action and teamwork. Those seeds have been nurtured by all of our association since Ms. Mercer’s tenure ended as president. As our association grows, we continue to harvest with community service and district support. Some members plant, some members water, and all members continue to nurture and support the contributions made to Georgetown County Association of Educational Office Professionals. GCAEOP is a vital part of the Georgetown County School District family.

Accomplishments for 2005-2006 included the following: • Quarterly newsletters were published during 2005-2006 • We donated to the St. Frances Humane Society by sponsoring dress down Thursday here at the district office • We donated $100 to a needy family for Christmas • We sponsored a biscuit w/jelly fund raiser that supported the District’s Special Education Program • We hosted the Awards Luncheon at the SCAEOP Conference in Greenville • We sold cookbooks to benefit our Annual Installation Banquet • We hosted a membership drive resulting in 6 new members • Ms. Jackie Williams was nominated and named GCAEOP Office Employee of the Year • Dr. Peggy Grant was nominated and named Administrator of the Year

Ms. Damita Watson was our president for the year of 2007-2008. One of her notable accomplished goals was to create a website for our group, which can be found at Another accomplished goal was to complete a community project to support our troops. We assisted several counties from across our state with “The Aid of Troops” project. It was a great success. Pulling together in this way was very rewarding.

Office professional the year for 20007-2008 was Ms. Ruby Fleming. Mr. Bill Crompton was administrator of the year. Ms. Watson’s theme was “Live, Laugh, and Learn”. We are to enjoy the time we have together, and learn as much as you can!!!

In 2008-2009, Ms. Clarice S. McKnight was elected president of GCAEOP. Her theme was “Leave Heart Prints Everywhere You Go”. During her tenure as president, GCAEOP implemented several notable programs. We honored a different Office Professional each month. We published the biography of the office professional of the month on the GCAEOP’s webpage. Ms. Ernestine Moultrie was selected our Office Professional of the Year. Mr. Fedrick Cohens, Principal of Kensington Elementary School, was selected as our Administrator of the Year.

Mrs. Tina Rice served as President of GCAEOP for 2009-2010. Her theme for that year was "Making Contributions---Not Withdrawals”. She encourages everyone to continue to inspire and support each. Ms. Rice also encourages everyone to remain positive in spite of our situations. We need to encourage others and build up our spirits. We should always strive to do our best to become a positive instrument to society.
Mrs. Tena Pontea served as President of GCAEOP for 2011-2011.
Mrs. Jacqueline Williams serve as President of GCAEOP for 2011-2012.

Currently, Sydney Rice serves as President of GCAEOP for 2012-2013. Her theme for this year is “TEAM WORK”. She hopes that the members of the association will work towards a goal of accomplishments.

Christmas is the season of giving. As one of our charitably projects, we donated a $100.00 to a needy family. One of our ongoing goals is to impact the community in a positive way. We believe in aiding those in need.

In hopes to continue developing and improving our skills as office professionals, we raise funds through our annual GCAEOP’s Fashion Show. The funds allow us the opportunity to participate in the state conference of office professionals (SCAEOP) which is held in different locations throughout the state.

Newsletters are continuing to be published quarterly. GCAEOP continues to make Christmas donations to benefit a needy family during the holiday season each year.