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1808008 Food Svc HD Carts


Vendors interested in doing business with the Georgetown County School District should monitor this page

for current solicitations for opportunities. All solicitations greater than $10,000 are posted on our website and

also published in South Carolina Business Opportunities (SCBO) which can be found at: 


Note: it is the potential bidder’s responsibility to ensure receipt of all Addenda issued. Your contact information should be emailed to

the Procurement Officer indicated on each individual solicitation to ensure that you are a registered bidder, should any Addenda be



RFB 1808007  Georgetown High School High-Mast Lighting Repair, RFB 1808007

 Click here for document 

 RFQ 1808010 Heat Seal Lidding System

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 RFP 1808009 Web Design and Hosting Services

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RFP 1808009 Addendum #1

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RFQ 1808011 AHS Locker Repair / Refurbishment  

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RFQ 1808011 Addendum ONE

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