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Technology Troubleshooters
School Technology Troubleshooter
Andrews Elementary Sharon Thornell
Brown's Ferry Elementary Traci Fontenot 
Kensington Elementary Allyson Smith
Maryville Elementary Clay Cook
McDonald Elementary Daphne Smith  
Plantersville Elementary  
Pleasant Hill Elementary Amy Tanner
Sampit Elementary Kathleen Elmore
Waccamaw Elementary Jenny Cox
Waccamaw Intermediate Laura Almonte
Rosemary Middle Yvonne Chandler
Carvers Bay Middle Heather Dennis
Georgetown Middle Patricia Holmes
Waccamaw Middle Dr. Shelly Moore
Andrews High Laura Cameron
Carvers Bay High Donna Owens
Georgetown High George Geer
Waccamaw High Narvie Stewart
Howard Optional Ramona Kearse Holmes
Howard Adult Center Ramona Kearse Holmes


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