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$$$"Old Dog" Teaches "Young Pups" Money Saving Ideas $$$
Daryl the Kitchen Dude
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$$$"Old Dog" Teaches "Young Pups" Money Saving Ideas $$$

Experience goes along way in fixing things and Daryl Sweetser has plenty of it. From working on fishing boats, rebuilding classic cars and even a cabin cruiser boat he knows a thing or two. One thing he can do is accomplish many tasks while working on a tight budget. Most of the cafeteria works call him "kitchen dude" because since he has been with the district he works on kitchen equipment, coolers and freezers. Using that same ingenuity he may have discovered a way to save GCSD about $10,000/yr and help keep the environment clean.

Many of the district's HVAC systems (heating and air) have a variable speed motor installed for inside air that speeds up and slows down when needed. These motors can save 40% on energy costs. The downfall is while they are saving thousands of dollars per year to replace one cost over $500. Being the thrifty person he is, Daryl thought there might be an easier way. So after a little research he found that by changing less than $40 worth of parts internally he saved the price of a new motor. Since these motors are getting older throughout the district, we may lose 15 to 20 per year. By changing those parts instead of buy new motors from the factory Daryl has discovered not only savings but also the motors that worked except for one small electronic part that went bad.

So next time you see Daryl working on an air conditioner or in the kitchen let him know you appreciate his hard work and efforts. Also you guys in food services slide him a cookie every now and then. He likes that.