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Boys Mentor Group Visits New Orleans

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     The Georgetown County Boys Mentor Group recently visited New Orleans, Louisiana, for its annual Educational Field Trip. This trip provided hands-on learning with opportunities to connect with various professionals at work and observe and participate in multicultural activities and fun.

   Locations visited were the French Quarter, the Ninth Ward, both Dillard and the University of New Orleans, and the group took a boat ride down the Mississippi. Mentees were able to gain firsthand information from a student representative on college entrance requirements, the advantages of maintaining an average above 2.5 (scholarships are available to in and out of state students), and the various challenges of being away from home and staying focus.

  Mentees Learned of different career choices from employees at the places visited and educational requirements and salary ranges. Mentees also observed and learned of the various cultural diversities in New Orleans, 19th century architecture design in the French Quarter, music and food, and the diverse economy that makes New Orleans one of the world’s largest ports.

   The group's boat ride down the Mississippi provided a magnificent view of city and again, an opportunity for fun and learning as the tour guide explained the importance of tourism and shipping to New Orleans economy. Some of the nation’s largest Health System (Ochsner), Universities, Banks (Hibernia National), Lockheed Martin, other companies, and entrepreneurs (music/art/food) contribute to making New Orleans place to visit, learn and do business.

   The trip provided mentees an opportunity to apply the core values that are stressed in the mentoring group. On the trip there were 16 mentees and 8 mentors.