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Kensington wins Y Smart Thing Challenge

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Congratulations Kensington Koalas, once again you’ve out smarted them all. Together you won the YMCA It’s a Smart Thing Challenge earning a total of 173 fitness stars in just 60 days.

Over the summer break Georgetown County School District employees competed in the YMCA fitness challenge, It’s a Smart Thing! Anytime a district employee worked out at the Y they earned their school a physical fitness star. The numbers of workouts were totaled for each school and the district office on August 16. The winner, the Kensington Koalas, proudly celebrated and recognized the importance of exercise by hosting a YMCA victory run throughout the school. The students lined the hallways and breezeways proudly giving high fives to the participating staff while singing the YMCA song.

The Bulldogs at Georgetown High School finished second with 130 fitness stars and also earned a trophy. The YMCA is very proud of you all and we hope you all will keep making your fitness a priority.

“The past 60-days have been uplifting and fun for all, as the school district employees’ enthusiasm and dedication to their health became contagious to many,” Membership Director Amy Mitchell said. “The victory run throughout Kensington School was amazing and left a lingering wave of energy for everyone. We enjoyed watching our members engage in this fun challenge and inspire children throughout the community.”