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SBE approves 10-point Uniform Grading Scale

10-Point Uniform Grading Scale Approved by State Board of Education
Columbia – State Superintendent of Education Molly M. Spearman announced that the State Board of Education has unanimously approved the recommendation to adopt a 10-point grading scale beginning in the 2016-17 school year for all high school courses.
“I am pleased to see this exciting change to our grading system,” said Spearman.  “The adoption of a 10-point grading scale will benefit military and other families as they transfer into South Carolina schools while also providing all of our students an equal opportunity to compete with their counterparts in neighboring states for college admission, athletic and academic scholarships, and national awards.  This change will level the playing field for all of our students while maintaining our high academic standards. I am thankful that the State Board of Education has adopted this change,” said Spearman.
The South Carolina Department of Education convened uniform grading policy (UGP) working groups, one of which has been examining the current scale and brought forth recommendations on how South Carolina can best adopt the new system. There are considerations that must be taken into account, such as the timing of implementing the new grading scale, merging the calculations for students currently in our school system, and preparing for the impact to the education lottery. 
“This is the best decision the State Board of Education could make for South Carolina students,” said Charles Mayfield, principal of J.L. Mann High School, in the Greenville County School District. “It will be fair to students of military families transitioning into South Carolina, for students in dual-credit courses, and for seniors applying to college and seeking academic scholarships. It also benefits our student-athletes. I am very pleased with this outcome and want to thank Superintendent Spearman and the State Board of Education for moving South Carolina forward with this commonsense change,” said Mayfield.
“I am very pleased with the hard work put in by the UGP working groups.  We will be examining the Hope and Life scholarships, along with the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship to ensure fairness and rigor in the academic requirements to earn them,” said Spearman.
“I am very excited that we’re modernizing our grading system,” said Dr. Luke Clamp, principal of River Bluff High School in Lexington School District One. “We can align our public education’s grading system with that of our colleges and universities. This eliminates confusion for students in dual-credit courses, removes the need for our higher education system to convert grade point averages, and makes the entire system seamless and easier to understand for students and parents. I applaud Superintendent Spearman for recommending this proposal and the State Board of Education for their support,” said Clamp.

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