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Holcomb wins state Energy Manager award

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Tony Holcomb, Energy Manager for the Georgetown County School District, was recently honored as South Carolina’s Energy Manager of the Year for 2016. Holcomb was honored by the Association of South Carolina Energy Managers (ASCEM) at the Tri-Association of Facility Managers spring conference.   

The ASCEM Energy Manager of the Year Award recognizes the outstanding work of an individual energy professional in the field of energy management. Award winners save energy dollars through innovative energy saving projects within a state agency, school district or college/university and have gone above and beyond their job duties to assist in the implementation of energy efficiency measures in the past year.

“Holcomb is like a power tower. He consistently takes in sources of information, stores it in his psychological grid, and distributes it to a variety of stakeholders,” said Dr. Michael Cafaro, Executive Director for Facilities and Middle School Administration for Georgetown School District.
 Holcomb made numerous presentations in 2015 to the Board of Trustees to demonstrate how conservation practices result in significant cost savings for the school district.
 A major project Holcomb was able to secure in 2015 was the installation of a geothermal unit at Rosemary Middle School. This unit has already saved the school district more than 13,470 kwH since June of 2015 and has an estimated payback of 10 years.
Previous projects include the replacement of 40 classroom HVAC units, a 50-ton chiller, two natural gas boilers, and a 300 gallon water heater at Georgetown Schools, saving the district $184,300 by way of in-house installations. Since the work was not contracted out, the budget could reap the benefits. These cost savings do not include the savings from efficiency of the new equipment and reduced maintenance costs.
Holcomb was also able to install “control modules” through a grant from the S.C. Energy Office, passed through the state by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. These modules are used to control water heaters as well as the heating and air conditioning units, regulating temperatures and allowing the units to go into “unoccupied building” mode. This allows the building to keep a consistent temperature setting when not in use.
Holcomb has been with Georgetown County School District for 21 years and has saved more than $3 million in his 10 years as the Energy Manager for the district. He is one of more than 200 Accredited Commercial Energy Managers (ACEM’s) in the state. This accreditation is given through the S.C Energy Office in conjunction with the Association of South Carolina Energy Managers (ASCEM).

The Association of South Carolina Energy Managers (ASCEM) provides information to members and fosters collaboration between energy managers throughout South Carolina. 
For information visit ENERGY.SC.GOV/ASCEM
Previous Award winners:
2016:  Tony Holcomb, Georgetown County School District
2015:  Clark Simpkins, Spartanburg School District
2014:  Tim Berklich, Greenville County Schools
2013:  Charles Stevenson, USC- Columbia
2012:  Clyde Chan, Sumter School District
2011:  Paul Hucks, Horry School District

2010:  Blaine Walker

2009:  Kevin Ingalls, Bob Jones University

2008:  Jack Thompson, Beaufort School District

2007:  Paul Cantrell, The Citadel

2006:  David Hogge, Berkeley School District
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