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'Bully Proof Your Child'

Serious Comedian to Address Bullying

on Tuesday, Aug. 30 at AHS at 6 p.m.


Serious Comedian Keith Deltano will be using comedy to combat bullying for Sampit and Andrews Elementary Schools, Rosemary Middle School, and Andrews High School August 29-30, 2016. “We just really want to take a proactive approach to school culture, especially concerning social media. We have a great environment here and want to make it even better,” says Kathryn Franks, School Counselor for Sampit Elementary School.

In addition to the student assemblies, Keith is conducting a parent workshop at Andrews High School from 6-7 p.m. on Tuesday, August 30 entitled, “Bully Proof Your Child” that will contain information on how to keep children safe online and monitor social media use.

Keith combines audience interaction and cultural commentary into an unusual style of uplifting comedy to address the tough issues students face and speaks in schools throughout the nation.  Keith’s background as an award winning middle school teacher, private counselor, curriculum creator, and educational comedian helps him relate and understand his audience. He is also a winner of the Teaching Excellence Award, the National Impact Award, andcreator of “The Complete Anti Bullying Kit.”

Keith's assembly goes beyond the bystander/bully/victim labels to get at the underlying causes of bullying and uses comedy to show students why they do what they do. Keith's background in public education gives him insight into school culture. The "mean girls”, status clothes, "in" group, and cliques will all come under his comedic wit and challenge youth and adults in the audience to seriously contemplate how they view one another. His assembly is about acceptance, making new friends by reaching out, and encouraging the audience to stop judging one another by outward appearance, speech, or economic status.

Keith addresses physical, verbal, and online bullying in his assemblies. He adjusts his shows to address the needs of the grade level he is presenting to. Keith says, “Social media changed everything and now a child can be bullied 24/7. It’s even occurring at much younger grades. Several years ago I only had to address cyber bullying at the high school level, then I had to address it at the middle school level, now I’m addressing it at the K-5 level.”

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