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Rocketry grants earned

 Alan Pritchard and Scott Streiffert
Alan Pritchard and Scott Streiffert
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The Extracurricular Activity Grant Award (EAG) given by the National Association of Rocketry (NAR) has been won by Alan W. Pritchard and Mary Tester both of Waccamaw High School

Last year Pritchard, media specialist at Waccamaw High School, along with Waccamaw Association of Space and Aviation Club (WASA), which he advises along with co-advisor Scott Streiffert), won the EAG award for the school year of 2015/2016. WASA at Waccamaw High School was the first and only club and school in the nation to win the EAG award for its participation in rocketry activities as an after-school program. The $500 is used to supplement WASA’s rocketry program with much needed rocket supplies.  

WASA meets twice a week. During that time WASA flies remote controlled drones, helicopters, parasail, airplanes and supports a rocket program, too. WASA also has guest speakers to come in and talk about their flying experiences or how they worked at an aviation job.  

This year Mary Tester, a special education teacher at Waccamaw High School, won the EAG Award for 2016-2017 for her Space Camp Summer program she teaches at Waccamaw Elementary school. Space Camp has been taught for many years by Tester to eager students wanting to know more about space and rockets. Last summer, one of her sons, Ben Tester, a teacher at Waccamaw Middle School, co-taught the at the camp. Students learn how the space program has improved life on Earth. They build model rockets plus and launch them on the last day of camp. Mrs. Tester is excited about winning the $500 EAG award because it will provide rocket kits and other rocketry supplies needed for the Space Camp program next summer.

The EAG award is given by the NAR Board Of Trustees every year to those schools, scout troops, Civil Air Patrol, 4H or NAR section programs who participate in a rocketry program after school teaching model rocketry. The NAR votes every year on the most deserving school or club who most qualifies for the grant by looking at a number of specifics located on their application and their participation in after school rocketry activities. If you have any questions please contact Alan W. Pritchard (, Scott Streiffert ( or Mary Tester ( You may also contact Joyce Gucik ( of the NAR.