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District Receives Safety Grant

The Georgetown County School District has received a grant for more than $40,000 to use for reducing job-related accidents through effective risk management practices.

The grant is awarded by the South Carolina School Boards Insurance Trust to those districts that meet performance criteria including Walk-through Safety Audits, active District and School Safety Committees and specialized training.  “These funds will be a tremendous help to us as continue to seek ways to keep our employees safe and prevent accidents,” said Alan Walters, Director of Safety and Risk Management.

Among the projects to be funded by the grant are an online employee safety training program; a Material Safety Data Sheet website with dedicated pages for each school; Child Protection Institute training materials; safety gear for maintenance personnel; an automated sandbag filling system; and CPR mannequins and training materials.

The sandbagging machine was a unique request according to Walters.  “This system will allow us to fill up to 500 sandbags per hour.  After the 1,000 year flood of 2015 and Hurricane Matthew in 2016 we definitely learned the importance of getting sandbags quickly and safely.”

The CPR equipment was a priority for the district, so it will now be able to have a staff of trained CPR instructors offer the classes internally to faculty, coaches and staff.  “We have AED’s at all of our locations,” Walters said, “but having CPR trained employees improves a victim’s chances until the AED gets there.”

Superintendent Dr. Randy Dozier said, “Having a safe working environment for our employees provides the added benefit of a safe learning environment for our students. We are pleased to receive this grant and look forward to a safe and productive 2017.”

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