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Camp Named Support Staff of the Year

 Camp wins SSOY
Camp wins SSOY
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Kensington Elementary Food Service Manager Darles Camp was named Georgetown County School District’s Support Staff of the Year at a banquet on April 28 at the J.B. Beck Administration and Education Center.

Other finalists were: Sandi Wilder, Instructional Assistant, McDonald Elementary; Valerie Carr, Custodian, Waccamaw Elementary; Barney Hayward, Building Manager, Rosemary Middle; and Shelly Edgecomb, School Nurse, Waccamaw High.

Our other school or department winners are: Gaynell Bouchette, Andrews Elementary; Joan Grimmage, Brown’s Ferry Elementary; Quentin Lance, Maryville Elementary; Melonie Green, Plantersville Elementary; Yolanda Myers, Pleasant Hill Elementary; Sheryl Logan, Sampit Elementary; Melanie DeSocio, Waccamaw Intermediate; Joseph Enoch, Carvers Bay Middle; Debra Hazel, Georgetown Middle; Arica Armstrong, Waccamaw Middle; Sheryl Cordray, Andrews High; Calanda Linen, Carvers Bay High; Judy McDaniel, Georgetown High; and Sonya Creel, District Office.