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District receives energy rebate

  District receives energy rebate
District receives energy rebate
Last school year, as a test project, led by GCSD's S.C. Energy Manager of the Year Tony Holcomb, Facilities Maintenance Services installed 45 LED lighting bulbs in a science class at Waccamaw High School. The bulbs replaced older obsolete (and more expensive) T12 fluorescent bulbs. The test classroom showed the lights were brighter, used less energy, and how the Santee Cooper Rebate program worked. After completion, Santee Cooper representative Byron Colvis was contacted and GCSD received a rebate check for $306. The project looked to be a success for the district.
In October 2016, GCSD was awarded for an energy grant from the S.C. State Energy Office for the amount of $5,000 to install more LED lights throughout the school.
Several GCSD departments worked together to make this project work. Lisa Johnson in Business Services matched funding to increase the size of the project and make the school district’s application more attractive. Lisa Ackerman from the Procurement Office sent a request for quotes for the new bulbs to several different companies and got the exact bulb for a cheaper price. Between Lisa Johnson’s and Lisa Ackerman’s contribution, the project was increased from 300 bulbs to 800 bulbs.
The Facilities Electrical Department started work after 4 p.m. after school was dismissed as to not interrupt educational time for the students. Workers were able to install the bulbs in a timely manner without replacing the fixtures saving even more money. These new bulbs are not only brighter but also have a 5-year warrantee, reducing replacement costs.
After the installation was completed, Santee Cooper's Colvis was contacted again and this time the rebate was going to be a lot bigger -- $4,928.04. This, along with the energy grant, paid for the entire project.
The new LED bulbs will save more than $7,000 a year and will pay for themselves in less than 1 ½ years.
This is a great example of when departments work together more can get accomplished than anticipated.