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Parent and Athlete Information

On this page, you will find information that will help you with what our policies are and other important information for you to read if you child is playing a sport for one of our schools.

When downloading the physical packet, please make sure you set you printer to print 8 1/2 X 11.

Folder 2017-2018 Physical Packet (1 Files)
pdf file 2017-18_PPE_FORMS_.pdf
Folder Parent Information (9 Files)
pdf file Foods & Fluids for Strength Training.pdf
pdf file Foods & Fluids for Team Sports.pdf
pdf file Fueling an American Football Team.pdf
pdf file Hydration for American Football Athletes.pdf
pdf file In-Season Recovery Nutrition for American Football.pdf
pdf file Parent Information Packet (Read-Only).pdf
pdf file sports_dehydration_tip_sheet_2014_skw_jnj.pdf
pdf file Training and Nutrition to Prevent Soft Tissue Injuries and Accelerate Return to Play.pdf
pdf file skinlesion.pdf
Folder Emergency Action Plans (4 Files)
pdf file Andrews High EAP.pdf
pdf file Carvers Bay High EAP.pdf
pdf file Waccamaw High EAP.pdf
pdf file GHS EAP (1).pdf
Folder Weather Policies (4 Files)
pdf file GCSD Cold Policy.pdf
pdf file GCSD Lightening Policy.pdf
pdf file GCSD Severe Weather Policy.pdf
pdf file GCSDHeat Policy (update 2014).pdf
Folder Concussion Information (5 Files)
pdf file SC Concussion Law.pdf
pdf file GCSD Concussion guidelines (2014).pdf
pdf file NATA position statement.pdf
pdf file Tidelands Health Protocol.pdf
pdf file ConcussionReturntoPlay.pdf
Folder Athletic Insurance Information (1 Files)
pdf file Athletic Insurance Benefit Page.pdf