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Document Uploads

Folder STEM Lesson Plans (52 Files)
Sub Folder 2016 6th Grade Science Unit (8 Files)
doc file 409_y4s_sgd_atmosphere.docx
pdf file AIMS_layers_of_the_atmosphere.pdf
doc file atmosphere_poster_rubric.docx
pdf file crushed.pdf
pdf file LayersofAtmosphereRAPDF.pdf
doc file MSP_Lesson_Plan_Template_STEM.docx
pdf file Scale_of_Earth.pdf
doc file The_Science_Behind_The_Collapsing_Can.docx
Sub Folder 2016 6.EEI.1 Lesson (4 Files)
doc file 6.EEI.1_Inquiry_Lesson.docx
pdf file 6.EEI.1_Ord_of_Op_Exit_Ticket.pdf
pdf file 6.EEI.1_Task_Cards.pdf
doc file 6.EEI.1_Task_Cards_2.docx
Sub Folder 2016 Lessons (9 Files)
doc file 6.EEI.1 Inquiry Lesson.docx
pdf file 6.EEI.1 Ord of Op Exit Ticket.pdf
doc file 6.EEI.1 Task Cards 2.docx
pdf file 6.EEI.1 Task Cards.pdf
doc file 7.GM.4 Inquiry Lesson.docx
doc file 7th Grade Cell Unit.docx
doc file 8.EEI.7 Inquiry Lesson.docx
doc file 8.NS.1 Inquiry Lesson.docx
pdf file 8.NS.1 Number Set Practice.pdf
Sub Folder 2017 Math Lessons (31 Files)
doc file 6.GM.4 All Wrapped Up in Surface Area Fun Homework.doc
pdf file 6.GM.4 All Wrapped Up in Surface Area Fun Homework.pdf
pdf file 6.GM.4 Lesson Plan.pdf
doc file 7.DSP.1,2 Predicting Population Using Sampling.docx
doc file 7.DSP1,2 Rational Numbers Card Sort TM.docx
doc file 7.NS.1 Rational Numbers Lesson.docx
doc file 8.DSP.1,4.docx
pdf file 8.EEI.8a A Lesson Plan.pdf
doc file 8.EEI.8a Balance Beam.docx
ppt file 8.EEI.8a multi step equation.pptx
doc file 8.EEI.8a multi step do now.docx
doc file 8.EEI.8a multi step equations day one notes.docx
doc file 8.EEI.8a multi step exit card.docx
pdf file 8.EEI.8a Pre Test Part 1.pdf
pdf file 8.EEI.8a Pre test part 2.pdf
pdf file 8.EEI.8a Problems for Poster Activity.pdf
doc file 8.EEI.8a solving multistep equations with candy.docx
doc file A1.FIF.8 Factoring Polynomials lesson.docx
pdf file GGCO.10 CW Day 4.pdf
doc file GGCO.10 More Parallelogram properties worksheet-Day 3 CW.docx
smartboard file GGCO.10 parallel - Day 1 and 2.notebook
doc file GGCO.10 Parallelogram Unit Plan.docx
doc file GGCO.10 Rectangles are Parallelograms too-Day 3 HW.docx
doc file GGCO.10 Warmup Day 4.docx
pdf file PS.SPCR.3,6.pdf
doc file PS.SPID.1 Developing Learning Performaces.docx
doc file PS.SPID.1 Histogram and Dot Plot Pre Assessment.docx
xls file PS.SPID.1 Rubric for Graphs to Describe Energy.xls.xlsx
pdf file PS.SPID.3 Lesson Plan.pdf
pdf file PS.SPID.3 Line Graphs PreAssessment.pdf
xls file PS.SPID.3 Rubric Graph of Milk Prices.xls.xlsx
Folder Constructing Strong STEM Foundations Summer Institute Math Resources (26 Files)
ppt file 01-Equations_in_Context_.pptx
ppt file 02-Graphing_Intro.pptx
ppt file 03-Foundations_of_Functions.pptx
ppt file 04-Representations_of_Functions.pptx
ppt file 05-Analyzing_Functions.pptx
ppt file 06-Graphing_as_a_Tool_(cont).pptx
ppt file 17-MSP-Slides.pptx
doc file 17_MSP Explorations HS.docx
pdf file 17_MSP Explorations HS.pdf
ppt file Backwards_Design_How_to_design_a_project_UTeach_2013.pptx
ppt file Designing_Inquiry-Based_Curriculum.pptx
ppt file Frequency tables PowerPoint.pptx
pdf file georgetown2017assessment.pdf
pdf file georgetown2017LBell.pdf
doc file Math_Packet_Daily_Activities.docx
doc file Monopoly Problem - Georgetown extension.doc
doc file Monopoly Problem - Georgetown.doc
ppt file PD_AgeGameUpdated_July_24_2016.ppt
doc file Scatterplot Calculator Steps.docx
pdf file Scatterplots Quiz.pdf
ppt file Scatterplots.pptx
doc file SM_Math_Taboo_Cards.docx
pdf file Two Way Table Worksheets.pdf
pdf file two way tables.pdf
doc file Two-Way Tables starter.docx
Folder Constructing Strong STEM Foundations Summer Institute Science Resources (15 Files)
pdf file AIMS_layers_of_the_atmosphere.pdf
doc file Animal_Body_Structure_and_Habitat-Matching.docx
pdf file biotechnology_teaser_activity.pdf
doc file Cell Models
pdf file crushed.pdf
doc file Ecology_Activities.docx
pdf file GuppiesStudentHandout.pdf
pdf file LayersofAtmosphereRAPDF.pdf
doc file Plant_and_Aniaml_Form_and_Function_Brainium.docx
pdf file strawberryDNAextraction.pdf
doc file The_Science_Behind_The_Collapsing_Can.docx
doc file TIDES_Lesson_for_GT.docx
pdf file Transcription and Translation Part 1
pdf file Transcription and Translation Part 2
doc file WAVES-GT_Lesson.docx
Folder Constructing Strong STEM Foundations Summer Institute STEM Integration Resources (5 Files)
pdf file CopyofCopyofPasstheCandyTallySheet.pdf
pdf file CopyofSTEMTaskAnalysisGuide.pdf
pdf file MathTaskLinearfunctions.pdf
pdf file possiblegraphsforpassthecandy.pdf
pdf file TTLP_.pdf
Folder Project Lead the Way Brochures (5 Files)
pdf file PLTW Computer Science Brochure (High)
pdf file PLTW Engineering Brochure (High)
pdf file PLTW Gateway Brochure (Middle)
pdf file PLTW Launch Brochure (Elementary)
pdf file PLTW Overview Brochure