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Documents, Policies and Forms

Folder ActivInspire (1 Files)
pdf file ActivInspire Install Instructions
Folder Document Cameras Manuals & Setup (5 Files)
pdf file HueHD Camera
pdf file Samsung SVP-5300 User Manual
pdf file Samsung SVP-5300 Install Instructions
pdf file Samsung SDP-850 User Manual
pdf file Samsung SDP-860 User Manual
Folder Microsoft and other useful Training Links (1 Files)
pdf file Free Online Training Links
Folder Printer Manuals (4 Files)
pdf file 2000D-BASIC.pdf
pdf file 2000D-ADVANCED.pdf
pdf file FS2020D-Basic.pdf
pdf file FS2020D-Advanced.pdf
Folder Projector Manuals (19 Files)
Sub Folder Dell (3 Files)
pdf file Dell S300wi User Manual
pdf file Dell S500wi User Manual
pdf file Dell S520 User Manual
Sub Folder Epson (3 Files)
pdf file Epson Brighlink 595Wi User Manual
pdf file Epson Brightlink 695Wi User Guide
pdf file Epson Powerlite 530 User Manual
Sub Folder Hitachi (2 Files)
pdf file Hitachi CP-D10 User Manual
pdf file Hitachi CP-X2510 User Manual
Sub Folder Promethean (5 Files)
pdf file Promethean PRM10 User Manual
pdf file Promethean PRM20 User Manual
pdf file Promethean PRM30 User Manual
pdf file Promethean PRM35 User Manual
pdf file Promethean PRM-45 User Manual
Sub Folder Smart (2 Files)
pdf file UF55 User Manual
pdf file UF70 with 600 Series Interactive Board User Manual
Sub Folder Sanyo (4 Files)
pdf file Sanyo PLC-XE40 User Manual
pdf file Sanyo PLC-XU73 User Manual
pdf file Sanyo PLC-XU74 User Manual
pdf file Sanyo PLC-XU75 User Manual
Folder Promethean ActivPanel (0 Files)
Folder Promethean Device Guides and Tips (11 Files)
pdf file 930 FrontRow Guide
pdf file ActivExpression Guide
pdf file ActivExpression Teaching Tips
pdf file ActivInspire Basics Manual
pdf file ActiVote Guide
pdf file ActivSlate User Guide
pdf file Handheld Mic Guide
pdf file Pendant Mic Guide
pdf file Register ActiVote Devices
pdf file Registering ActivExpression in ActivInspire
pdf file Registering ActivSlate in ActivInspire
Folder Promethean Troubleshooting (10 Files)
pdf file Board Issues
pdf file How to calibrate a pen
pdf file Keeping your ActivInspire and ActivDriver software up to date
pdf file Older Promethean Setups
pdf file Pen Issues
pdf file Projector Issues
pdf file Registering old activotes within ActivInspire
pdf file Sound Issues
pdf file Splitter-Expressions & Votes-Slate-Microphone Issues
pdf file USB3 and Promethean Hardware
Folder Smart Notebook License (1 Files)
pdf file How to deactivate Smart Notebook Advantage license
Folder Webmasters (22 Files)
Sub Folder District Web Editors (1 Files)
pdf file Setting Up Your District Website
Sub Folder School Webmasters (10 Files)
pdf file Accessing Help Materials
pdf file Additions-Transfers-Disable-Delete Form
pdf file Cropping Photos
pdf file Custom Content Help
pdf file High Priority News Items
pdf file Home Page-Calendar Events
pdf file Manage Permissions Help
pdf file Moving Teacher Websites from School to School
pdf file School Admin Area Help
pdf file SchoolinSites Support Contact Info
Sub Folder Teacher Web Support (11 Files)
pdf file Bio Page Setup
pdf file Clubs and Organizations Help
pdf file Event-Sports Calendar Setup
pdf file Fine Arts Help
pdf file Guidance Page Help
pdf file Library Page Help
pdf file Links
pdf file Sport Page Help
pdf file Teacher BIO Page setup
pdf file Teacher Page Tools
pdf file Teacher Section Help