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Epson Interactive
Easy Interavtive Tools Overview

How to use Interactive Pen

How to: Use the Easy Interactive Tools Command Toolbar

How To: Use the Easy Interactive Tools in Interactive Mode

How To: Use the Easy Interactive Tools in Whiteboard Mode

Using Easy Interactive Tools

Dell Wireless Projector
Dell Wireless Projector Tutorial

This video is a great example of configuring your laptop to connect to the Dell Wireless Projector.

WorkSpace Training Tutorials

WorkSpace training tutorials are available for users interested in viewing step-by-step video instructions on how to accomplish specific tasks within the interactive whiteboard software.

ActivConnect G - Getting Started Guide

ActivConnect G -How to mirror screen.

ActivPanel - Access Files on the ActivConnect G

ActivPanel - ActivConnect G Downloads

ActivPanel: WiFi and Bluetooth on the ActivConnect G



Promethean Knowledge Base

Promethean Planet

Promethean Panel
Getting started with ActivCast

Getting Started with your ActivConnect G-Series

How do I mirror my screen on the ActivConnect G-Series